Mother-ease Wizard Duo Night Time 2.0

Tired of changing clothes & bedding? Nothing works? Frustrated? Try the Wizard Duo Night Time Diaper with its super absorbent core that remains dry to the touch - even when wet

The Wizard Duo Night Time Inserts are ultra-absorbent, more than absorbent enough for the entire night!

The One-Size insert fits babies from 10-35 lbs.

Duo Insert Fabric
Our Night Time Duo Inserts are only available in our Ultra High Tech Stay Dry fabric:

The outer layer of this insert is a specially designed stay dry fabric. Moisture is immediately drawn through this fabric to the inner absorbent core. The stay dry fabric is buttery soft and easy to clean. Baby is left feeling dry and happy with reduced incidence of rash.

The Stay Dry core is made from ultra high tech fabric specially designed to be super absorbent with added absorbency for nights and naps. It is patent protected and available only to Mother-ease for cloth diapers. It will absorb 1.7 times the amount of any competing absorbent insert (by weight.)

Elasticized Edges
Both the Duo Insert and Duo Cover are fully elasticized in the waist and legs and finished with a binding that gently hugs your baby. This creates two lines of defense against leaks which is very important in an All in Two system because leakage containment allows you to reuse the cover and that means purchasing less covers.

Mother-ease provides a lifetime warranty on all elastics and plastic snaps of our Duo Inserts and Covers.


The Duo Insert fastens securely into the Duo cover with 6 snaps. Once the Insert has been snapped into the cover the Duo closes like an All in One through a series of adjustable snaps across the waist front for a perfect fit.

Preassembled Duo diapers at your change station allow you to change your baby's diaper with the convenience of an All in One at a reduced cost.

Booster Access
The Wizard Duo cloth diaper has a large opening at the legs to stuff an absorbent liner/booster between the absorbent insert and the cover. This is great any time you need a little extra absorbency.

Made in Canada

Please Note: This product is an insert only. Diaper covers are sold separately. To be used with Mother-ease Wizard Duo Adjustable Cover.

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