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About Cloth Diapers

Lil Helper Washing Instructions and Warranty

Q. How do we prep lil helper cloth diapers before use?  or What are your washing instructions before use?
A. Before using any of our cloth diapers, we recommend you wash them at least once in hot or cold water to get rid of any external dirt and to increase absorbency of the liners. Please use half of the recommended detergent. Also, do a cold rinse cycle to get rid of any leftover detergent. Always remember, the more detergent that's leftover on the diaper the faster you'll have an ammonia build up and your diapers will become less absorbent. The more you wash the liners, the more fluffy and absorbent they'll become. Some diaper companies will ask you to wash the diapers 5 or 6 times before use to get the best absorbency, but we think it is wasteful for an eco-conscious parent like yourself to waste hundreds of liters of water to gain 10 or 20 ml extra absorbency out of diapers. You will wash the diapers with use anyways and you'll get your 5th and 6th wash through using them.

Q. How do I wash my lil helper diapers on a daily basis? or What are your washing instructions?
A. Please make sure any solid "stuff" is already out of the diapers and liners before you throw it in the washer.
•Pre-wash the diapers in cold water.
•Warm wash with 1/4 to 1/2 of the recommended detergent. Use as little detergent as you can. While washing diapers, soap is not your friend.
•Cold rinse again to make sure all detergent is out of your diapers.

Q. How can I dry lil helper cloth diapers after washing? or Is it advised to heat dry lil helper cloth diapers in the dryer after washing?
A. Short Answer:
•Line or hang dry the diaper shells and covers when possible because we love the environment and do want to pay extra electricity bills.
•Liners can be heat or tumble dried but at a low to medium heat setting.
•Diaper covers or diaper shells should not be put in the dryer, if possible.
•When diaper cover or diaper shells are put in the dryer, do so at low heat.
•If both liners and diaper shell (diaper covers) are put in together to be dryer remove the diaper shells in 10-20 minutes as they dry out far more quickly.
Longer Answer:
As ecophiles, we would recommend that you line or hang dry our cloth diapers after each wash. But we have families and tight schedules and amazing dryers, too. So if you put our liners in the dryer use the tumble dry setting with medium heat. We recommend that our diapers covers or diaper shells not be put in the dryer, if possible. This is to ensure that the PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) lining which is heat bonded on the inside of the outer layer of our shell (read it again if not clear) is not eroded. The PUL is what makes our diapers waterproof and the less heat it is exposed to the longer it will stay bonded to the fabric. If you absolutely have to put the diaper shells or diaper covers in the dryer do so at a low to medium heat. If you are drying the diapers shells and liners together, remove the diaper shells from the dryer after 10-20 minutes. From our experience, the diaper shells dry out far more quickly as compared to the liners.

Q. How many lil helper cloth diapers should I buy if I am going to use the diapers exclusively?
A. Here's a great infographic that explains how many diapers you need and why.
Our diaper shells or covers are designed to allow parents to use it multiple times during diaper changes, where only the soiled or wet liner is replaced with a fresh one. Hence, instead of buying more diapers, you would save money and reduce your laundry load by buying more liners. You can interchange any diaper with any liner in our store.
So I assume you want to do a laundry load every 2-3 days. A new born is expected to go through 8-14 diaper changes a day- lets say you change your kid 12 times a day. This is the maximum number of times you will change your child, hence this is the worst case scenario. You can easily reuse the diaper cover at least twice before putting it for a wash. Thus, each day you would need 6 diaper covers with 12 sets of liners. After two days, you'll have 12 soiled diaper covers and 24 soiled liner sets. While you are laundering the soiled diapers you'll still have 6 clean diaper covers and 6 sets of fresh liners. For three days you would need 18 diapers and an additional 12 liners.
You could get a few more diapers just to give you a little bit of cushion. For the fourth day, assuming you've washed and dried the diapers on the third night you'll have your stash clean and ready for another round of (ab)use.

Refund and Exchange Policy
Lil Helper will guarantee workmanship and materials in a properly cared for product for one year from the date of purchase. Our Warranty covers all components of our products including the snaps, lining, elastic and waterproofing. The warranty is extended to the original purchaser of the products only.
Proof of purchase from an authorized retailer is required if you have not purchased your product directly from this site.
To make a warranty claim, product must be sent at customer's expense to us for examination of workmanship and materials. After reviewing your product, we may replace the product or provide you with simple instructions for resolving the problem you are having.
Except when caused by manufacturing or component defect, this guarantee does not cover leaking, diaper odor or normal wear/tear or inappropriate undoing of the snaps. We have provided a video explaining the correct procedure for undoing the snaps

Warranty is void when:
•The washing instructions have not been followed.
•The diaper has been altered.
•Any of the following has been used in conjunction with the use/care of the product:
◦Water temperatures exceeding 100°F or 60°C
◦A detergent containing additives (enzymes, brighteners, whiteners, dyes, perfumes, essential oils) or natural soap
◦Fabric softeners
◦Any caustic substance
◦Diaper rash cream
•Product was a free gift from Lil Helper, as part of a promotional package.

No refunds are available on starter kits and lite diaper kits.
A nominal restocking fee may apply.
Refunds and exchanges will only be issued for any unused and unwashed products that can be re-sold, except in the case of manufacturer defect. Refunds and exchanges do not include shipping costs.
We require a proof of purchase for all exchanges and replacements, as well as a photograph of the item, if the item is not being returned. We will only accept products purchased from an approved Lil Helper retailer or from our website.

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