About Us

Hi, my name is Miranda and I am the owner of Cottontail Tushies Cloth Diapers. I am the mother of three cloth-diapered children and the wife of a wonderful husband who is supportive even if he doesn't share my enthusiasm for cloth diapers. I chose to cloth diaper due to the amount of waste that disposable diapers contribute to landfills. (Even if you live on a farm and burn your household garbage, diapers do not burn, so you can expect to have them scavenged by wildlife.) The money savings was another huge selling point, and once I got into cloth diapering I was surprised to find out how cute cloth diapers are and how much more effective they are at keeping in those big poops. Since the environment is my main reason for cloth diapering, I try to reduce waste in my business practices as well, by packaging orders in reused household boxes. And being concerned about the environment is not just talk...I have a college diploma in Environmental Assessment and Restoration. I am committed to helping people be successful at cloth diapering, so if you have any questions, please send me an email.

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