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Thursday July 28, 2016

I am very happy with the Bummis Fitted Flannel Diapers. They are extremely cute, soft, and trim fitting. I love the slim design and the inside of the diaper sitting against baby's skin is pillowy soft, unlike any other natural fibre diaper I have tried. Being cotton, they are easy to clean. I just use a regular household detergent and I do not have issues. (Great thing about cotton diapers!) Love them! The downside is the cost per diaper.

Paula Hard

Thursday July 28, 2016

Review of Bummis All in One For starters, over the last 8 years I have developed a sort of eclectic mix of cloth diapers in my stash. I have tried pretty much every style there is available, from flats and prefolds to All-in-Ones. I currently use all of these styles and for different reasons. The Bummis AIO I had to try because, number 1, it's attractive, (yes, appeal takes first place) and number 2, it is made with cotton with a polyester stay-dry-option. I use the cotton so my babe can get used to the feel of wet. I believe it helps bring awareness to the children and set them up for successful and easy potty learning. What I love about the Bummis AIO is that it is a nice looking diaper, versatile, trim (I use it on my 19 mo. babe), easy to use, easy to keep clean, and the stretch is awesome. I do not have to pull hard on the diaper to get it snapped up. What I don't love is that it will not hold a "guzzler before bedtime" pee all night. You may need to add extra absorbency in the front for a boy tummy sleeper. My son usually does not use his diaper during the night but on the occasions where I have given him a lot to drink before bed, he uses it and this diaper in itself is not equipped for the amount of frontal absorbency that he needs. Secondly, I find that tucking in the stay-dry insert is a tad bit finicky. The attached cotton seems to get a bit crumply in the wash so to tuck the stay dry inside takes a bit of wiggling and rearranging for it to lay nicely. But, if you want to use the stay dry, just pull the diaper to stretch out the rumply inside and lay your stay dry layer on top. Easy Peasy. I prefer to do things the hard way. ;) Over all, very good diaper with options for varied uses, suiting different tastes. I would buy another if I wasn't so close to potty learning. (Maybe I still will because they're so gosh darn cute!)

Karen Guenther

Sunday August 24, 2014

I recently purchased the lil helper bamboo and charcoal diapers as well as the mother ease cover and insert, and diaper pail and wet bag. I like all the products a lot. If I was to choose a favorite diaper it would probably be the charcoal set and mostly due to the neutralizing of the urine smell. I haven't had any issues with leaks and find all the diapers to not be as bulky as other brands. Shipping is a good price and usually arrives within a 4-6 days. Finally, any questions I've ever had have been answered very thoroughly and helped greatly with my decisions on which products to buy. Will definitely buy more product in the future.

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