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Monkey Doodlez Bamboo All In One
Monkey Doodlez Bamboo All In One

Now's the perfect time to see why Bamboo is such a favourite!

Bamboo fiber fabrics are luxirously soft and feel kind of like silk.

The microfleece in these diapers is made from a blend of (Rayon made from) Bamboo (33%) and polyester (67%) which offers silky softness matched with durability. This microfleece will not pill so your baby's bottom will be cradled in silky softness change after change.

Hidden inside is a full layer of heavy weight cotton flannel for an added all over absorbency and breatability. Securely attached is a multi layer thick and thirsty cotton terry soaker pad.

The diaper fastens with our own Doodlez tape (hook and loop) to provide a secure hold while remaining very soft to the touch.

Gentle elastics at the legs and waist provide a comfortable fit.

Made in Canada

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