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Omaiki All-in-One Diapers

Diaper Bundle Available - Buy 2 Get 1 Free

The AIÖ is our leading product – simple, adorable and effective!
• Easy to use, the AIÖ is the closest to a disposable diaper.
• Perfect fit and flawless cut
• One size (8-35 lb)
• Four height adjustments to grow with your child
• Omaïki’s innovative design allows you to increase or reduce absorbency, depending on the age of your child, without affecting comfort or drying time.
• The detachable insert can be replaced by the Ö.Mega Booster for older children and heavy wetters.
• Double row of snaps at the belly and overlap for newborns
• The outer shell is made of soft, breathable, waterproof fabric (PUL).
• The absorbent part (bamboo viscose and organic cotton) is topped with a polyester stay-dry fabric that protects the baby’s bottom from moisture.
• The diaper has three levels of absorbency: the bottom layer of the diaper, the sewn-in layer and the detachable mini-insert.
• The detachable mini-insert can be removed for newborns. We recommend you to put it back in the diaper at about 4-6 weeks.
• Superior quality components for greater durability
• Store dry between washes.
• Washer/dryer
• Use a soap recommended for reusable diapers.

Absorption : 54% bamboo viscose / 26% organic cotton / 20% polyester
Waterproof shell : 100% PUL
Stay-dry lining : 100% polyester

Proudly made in Canada with 100% Canadian fabrics.

MarbleRosegoldBorealSuperheroCobaltSteel Grey


Marble $33.95 (1 in stock)
Rosegold $33.95 (1 in stock)
Boreal $33.95 (1 in stock)
Superhero $33.95 (1 in stock)
Cobalt $33.95 (1 in stock)
Steel Grey $33.95 (1 in stock)
6 Diaper Bundle $135.80 (1 in stock)


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By Jessica K Friday July 2, 2021
This diaper is not only convenient and cute, but it also is quite absorbent. It's a good diaper to use on the go!

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