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Mother-ease Sandy's Absorbent Liners
Mother-ease Sandy's Absorbent Liners

Mother-ease offers diaper liners to boost the absorbency of our cloth diapers for the heavy wetter and overnight. The Sandy's Liners were developed for use with Sandy's Cloth Diapers but they also work great with most other Mother-ease diapers. The Sandy's Absorbent Liners are the go to liners for the Sandy's line, the Mother-ease All in One and all Wizard products made with Cotton Terry or Bamboo Terry.

Our diaper liners are available in the same high quality Diaper Fabrics you find in our diapers.

These soft knit terry liners simply nestle in the Sandys, Toddle-ease or All in One diapers adding extra absorbency for nighttime or whenever needed.

Our Sandy's Absorbent Liners are available in all our Fabric options including Unbleached or White Cotton, Stay Dry on Cotton, Organic Cotton or Bamboo Terry.

Available in two sizes, Small and Large. Small fits all diapers and Large fits the Large Sandys, Toddle-ease, Large All in One and XLg All in One.

Dimensions Absorbency
Small 5" x 12" 6 oz.
Large 5.5 x 14 7 oz.

Made in Canada

Size & Fabric:

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