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Bummis Newborn Pack
Bummis Newborn Pack

Newborn Pack
Great for preemies too!

  • the perfect newborn starter pack - contains 12 preemie sized ORGANIC COTTON PREFOLDS and 2 SUPER BRITES
  • tiny diapers for tiny babies - works really well for small newborns, preemies and multiples; fits babies from 5-9lbs / 2.25-4.25kg
  • very affordable and easy to wash
  • gets parents cloth diapering early so they can see how easy it is - they'll be hooked and come back for more!
  • amazing fit on little bottoms
  • versatile - when your baby grows out of the prefolds, reuse them as nighttime boosters!
  • packaged beautifully and simply - a great gift for new parents
  • folding and washing instructions included
  • healthy, non-toxic and eco-friendly
*Newborn Packs contain one each of White and Froggy Pond Super Brite wraps.

newborn 5-9 lbs / 2.25-4.25 kg

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