Lil Helper Insert Sets

Two Inserts. You get two inserts in a pack. One small insert. One large insert.

Plenty of Absorption. The goal here is to keep the outer shell dry and clean for as long as possible. The two inserts, when used together, have seven layers of combined greatness to that very job.

Squirmy babies? Both inserts attach to the diaper cover with snaps. Your kid can wriggle as much as she wants. Our inserts won’t budge.

Mix it up: All our inserts are interchangeable with all our diaper shells.

Lil Helper Insert Sets are available in three fabric options.

Bamboo Insert Set

Think marshmallows, super absorbent fluffy marshmallows just waiting to nestle your kiddo’s bottom (as marshmallows are known to do). The thirsty micro-fiber is sandwiched inside the soft embrace of the bamboo making you wonder why you ever even considered disposable diapers. Your baby’s bottom is resting on the nirvana of cloth diaper inserts, a lil bit of heaven on earth. Happy bum, happy baby. And we all know what a happy baby means.This is why you'll love our bamboo Insert:

Small Insert: The small insert is made up of 4 layers of pee guzzlers AKA absorbent materials. The 2 outer layers are bamboo. There are 2 hidden layers of micro terry.

Large Insert: The large insert is made up of 3 layers. The 2 outer layers are bamboo. There is 1 hidden layer of micro terry.

Charcoal Insert Set

Keep Your Baby Feeling Dry: The charcoal bamboo lners can hold upwards of 180 ml of moisture and still feels dry. The ideal choice for an overnight diaper liner. No diaper rashes either.

Soothing: The hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial qualities of charcoal will soothe your baby's nasty diaper rash.

Did you know? Charcoal is Hypoallergenic, Naturally deodorizing & Anti-bacterial. Most importantly, the dark colordoesn’t show stains.


Charcoal Overnight Insert

Overnight insert is thick microfiber topped with charcoal fleece and PUL bottom. Includes 1 charcoal stay dry liner.

Bamboo $8.95 (out of stock)
Charcoal $9.95 (8 in stock)
Overnight $13.95 (2 in stock)


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